About the Summit

Since 2010, the ICT Summit at UMass Amherst has presented a forum for ideas, research, projects, speakers, panels, and workshops highlighting various aspects of technology in education and our lives.

This year, we are once again picking up the theme of "Technology for All" but adding a question mark after it.

While we, at the IT Program, are examining (posing/ presenting/ making) a lot of questions, we need you and your participation at the ICT Summit to come up with the answers. More...

Featured Speakers

This year’s summit features noted technologists Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, Christopher Perry, associate professor of Media Arts and Sciences at Hampshire College, Laura Scholl, a creative practitioner, technologist, educator, and maker, and Ryan Leslie, Grammy nominated recording artist, Multi-platinum producer and CEO of SuperPhone.

Featured Speakers